Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mykanos, Greece

I am way behind on my blogging, but I have to catch up with some pictures from our Newlywed Adventures in 2009 before I can even get to 2010! Let's start with Mykanos...

What can I say? Greece is breathtaking, the food, the views, the culture, the perfectly sculpted blue and white domed churches, it was all deliciously wonderful and a perfect place for romance. The afternoons in Mykanos are perfect for strolling around the little shops and lingering at the cozy outdoor cafes. While at one of these adorable cafes in Mykanos we met another couple from the US who had been living overseas for 15 years in Ireland. They brought their kids over while they were in high school and started a family business. The couple now spends their free time traveling throughout Europe living the laid back European life. While I am not so sure I can slow down enough to become accustomed to the European lifestyle I commend them for their risk taking and dream chasing! I just love meeting people who thrive on adventure and actually live it out. Kudos to them!

These pelicans are filled to the brim with personality and are the island's own mascot.

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